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Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC to the Beach Haul!!

I ordered a few things from the MAC website and picked up a few at Macys on Thursday morning.

Scorcher Nail Polish

When I saw this polish on the blogs, I wasn't going to get it because I have a lot of similar reds. What sold me on it was the pink undertones of the color. Almost like an 80s neon color. Great layered with Chanel's Illusion D'Or.  (Please excuse the cuticles!!)

Sweet & Punchy + Firecracker Eyeshadows

When I opened my package, I saw that my Sweet & Punchy had been shattered, so MAC is sending me a replacement- until then, this is what I have to work with. Love this limey green shade- IMO it's unique and can be sheered out, built up or layered to create many different looks.

Firecracker is a beautiful shade! It does for me what i was hoping Sand & Sun would do. I almost did not purchase this because I thought it may be too similar to Coral Crepe, but in comparison, they are not         the same.  Picture to the right is Firecracker and Coral Crepe (from L to R).

This is Sweet& Punchy layered over Retrospeck eyeshadow. Nothing in the inner third-- that is just some irritation.

From Left to Right: Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Hipness, Get-Away Bronze

Hipness & Get-Away Bronze Blushes

I was sooo excited to get Hipness and it did not disappoint! Beautiful pinky/coral color (more pinky) that is more intense than Instant Chic.

Get-Away Bronze is amazing! Didn't interest me at first, but when I was watching YouTube hauls, I knew I had to have it because of the sheen and neutral bronzey color. Looks great as an accent to your bronzer.

Marine Life High Light Powder

Yes, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this. Gorgeous!! I didn't want to swatch it when I first opened it to preserve the overspray. Picture on the right shows swatches. From L to R: Top, blended, bottom. Have heard that if you get this there is no need to buy Hipness, but as a MAC addict, I had to have both, naturally.

Thrills and Beachbound Lipsticks

Originally, I hadn't planned on getting anymore lipsticks, but after seeing these in the store, I could not resist. Thrills is a beautiful corally red with shimmer. It is a lot less opaque that I thought it would be. Beachbound is a nice peachy color. The shade of the tube sold me- and because it's a glaze, it is very smooth and glossy like.

To the right are some lip swatches. On top is thrills and below is Beachbound.

More swatches-- Beachbound and Thrills with flash (left) and natural light (right). 

From left to right: Hipness, Marine Life, Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy.

MAC Retrospeck Eyeshadow- My New found Love

I got this shadow a while ago, but only used it in the inner third of my eye as a high light. I never understood what MAC meant by "bleached blonde" in their description of the shadow-- until this morning. I decided to put a whole wash of this on my eyelid--- and IT'S GORGEOUS!! A light gold, shimmering surface that pulls lots of light into your eye area. It is a lustre, which can be hard to work with, but a good base does wonders. LOVE!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Additional items YouTube has sold me from MAC to the Beach

Courtesy of maccosmetics.com

Alright, so I already ordered a bunch of items from this collection online and held off on a few pieces, but after watches hauls on YouTube, I'm not convinced I must have these other pieces. Oh, YouTube. Why do you do this to me??

What I ordered:
Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Get-a-way Bronze, Hipness (Sold out online!), 3 Marine Life Highlighters

Now I must have:
Sand & Sun Eyeshadow- I wasn't going to get this because of color payoff, but after seeing more swatches, I think I would just need to pack it on to get a lot of color payoff. Beautiful color and reminds me of that early 90's peachy color that is so popular now in fashion, kind of like this:
Courtesy of Forever 21. HOT!! 

Thrills Lipstick- Frosty, ehhh... but burnt orange??! Sign me up!!!

Beachbound Lipstick- Will need to verify this in the store, but a light peachy glazy lipstick sounds lovely for summer!

and maybe, weekend cream bronzer, scorcher nail polish, temperature rising lip pencil and splashing lipglass-- but we shall see!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


MAC Pro Shopping

Yesterday before class (Yes my last class ever!!! Thank god graduate school is ova!!) I had some free time to run to MAC Pro. So I got a few things:

Chromographic Pencil in NC15/NW20

A creamy, soft-point pencil ideal for use as a liner, or to outline and define designs. Provides a bold, intensely smooth application with a well-defined, pigment-rich line.
1.36g / 0.04 US OZ $14.50

I passed this up with the Pret-a-Papier Collection and now it's sold out everywhere. Luckily, this is from the Nudes collection that is at Pro stores only, and I happened to find it. These will be permanent at Pro stores as well as the full collection of Chromographic Pencils (Temptalia's Post: MAC Chromographic Pencils Review). 
Works great on the waterline- and I realized that the lasting power of this is sooo much better than the Cheapo White eyeliner I have from the drugstore. So, in my book- definitely worth it!

Dazzlelight Pro Pan
Neutral with Shimmer (Veluxe Pearl). Great for the inner tear duct. Similar to Shroom, but the texture is different and more pigmented. I'd say somewhere in between the payoff of Shroom and Basic White (Starflash) from last fall.  MAC Eye Shadow Veluxe Pearl Dazzlelight

Goldmine Pro Pan 
This I'm super excited about. After I got it, I was worried that it would be too similar to NARS Alhambra Duo, but it is more pigmented and more gold--- LOVE! Great pigmentation and easy to work with. Reminds me a little of the eyeliner/shadow duo that was recently launched by Chanel.  MAC Eye Shadow Goldmine

MAC to the Beach at Nordstrom!!

I found out the horrible news last night that Marine Life was SOLD OUT at MAC Online. Apparently it sold out after only 2 hours online-- and the website didn't even advertise that the collection was out yet!
So, I was really disappointed until I read Temptalia's Post about Nordstrom's Release.

Here's her link: http://www.temptalia.com/

The Nordstrom link with everything: Nordstrom

Happy Hauling!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC to the Beach Excitement

OMG I am soooo excited for this collection--- more so than anything MAC has put out since Color Crafted!

My wish list:

Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow
Firecracker Eyeshadow--- this I may wait off until I see in person--- not sure it will be too different than Coral Crepe paint pot, but we shall see...

Temperature Rising Lip Pencil-- Love this and it's pretty different than what I see out. I think I can find a good dupe for Life's a Breeze (the pink one) (in fact LovePeaceandLipgloss says NYX makes one that is almost identical).

Hipness Blush- beautiful, but I may hold off until I see in person, because this is my favorite color family. I may have something similar.
Get Away Bronze Blush- Definitely-- will go so well with bronzer.

Marine Life- Isn't this on everyone's wish list??

Illamasqua Haul!!!

Wow, I've been soooo looking forward to this little package from Sephora! I've been wanting the lipgloss and the blush forever, but just saw Belldujournyc's review on the lipstick, and knew I had to have it.

Excite Blush
Illamasqua says, "Vivid Apricot, matte finish". This is sooo beautiful!! I was either going to order this or Lover, which is lighter, but I'm so glad I picked this one! Will look killer with a tan this summer!

Obey Lipstick
Illamasqua says, "Bright peachy pink, matte finish". I was somewhat torn between this and Over, but this is lighter and I decided Mistress would quench my thirst for intense color. Love it, a little drying on its own, but paired with a light balm-- wonderful.

Mistress Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua says, "Bright coral orange". This has amazing color payoff for a gloss (which is why I guess it is called Intense). Not too sticky, but adheres well to the lip and staying power is good. Love it!

Here are some swatches from L to R top to bottom:
Mistress Lipgloss, Obey Lipstick, Excite Blush

Final Look: Put Obey on first then layered a little Mistress on top. Put light dusting of Excite over bronzer. 

Oh and I made a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vBxHjXWlCY

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My NARS Blush Collection

So I just wanted to share with you my NARS Blushes. I love blushes and my favorite (because of pigmentation and color variety) is NARS. So have a few cream and powder blushes and one multiple. 
NARS Powder Blushes

So for powder blushes I own (from top to bottom and left to right above): Exhibit A, Mounia, Gilda, Luster, Sin, Taj Mahal and Angelika.

Exhibit A: A brilliant red (kind of orangey; matte)
Mounia: Cinnamon coral with some shimmer
Gilda: Coral and this is matte
Luster: Sheer golden apricot with some shimmer
Sin: Berry with gold shimmer
Taj Mahal: Burnt orange with shimmer
Angelika: Cotton candy with gold particles

Cream Blushes:

From left to right and top to bottom: Montenegro, Cactus Flower, Enchanted, Turkish Red, Penny Lane and Orgasm in multiple form.

Montenegro: Mahogany
Cactus Flower: Shimmering Poppy
Enchanted: Soft peach with Gold Sparkle
Turkish Red: Red Coral, No Shimmer
Penny Lane: Nude Pink
Orgasm Multiple: Peachy Pink with Shimmer

From left to right:


Sin,  Gilda, Enchanted

Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Luster, Mounia, Angelika

Orgasm Multiple, Turkish Red, Penny Lane, Montenegro, Cactus Flower

My YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5QV7p7Iz-o

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Drugstore Haul

Alright, even thought Project 10 Pan has not been completed, I just needed to pick up a few things at Ulta. Looking at Christine's swatches from MAC to the beach is just killing me (Temptalia does MAC to the Beach)

So here are my goodies:

Bare Minerals Lipgloss in Rose
I got this as a sample for free from a Bare Minerals marketing truck downtown. Non-sticky and has a beautiful color with a semi-strong coconutty-beachy scent (whatever that is). I would never buy this color myself, but, surprisingly, it looks really good on and it is quite hydrating.

Bare Minerals Pure-Radiance All over Face Color

I got this too from the marketing truck. Very pretty highlighter. Reminds me a little of MAC's Petticoat, but lighter and more subtle. Very finely milled, so it can be applied in a more natural manner. I've only tried one other Bare Minerals product and wasn't crazy about it, but this item piques my interest in the brand. I may just have to try more of their products.

Psssssst Dry Shampoo
I got this last week and today was my first opportunity to try it out. I've never used a dry shampoo before, so I didn't quite know what to expect- other than what I've heard about dry shampoos in general. This is nice- it says no odor, but I likened the scent to something Bath & Bodyworks put out a while back- Lime Verbena Body Spray. Not bad and not over powering. It's effective with a light covering of your roots- isn't a white spray either like most dry shampoos that may leave your hair with a white overcast.

Aveda Foot Lotion

This isn't new and it's also not from the drugstore (oops), but I recently found this laying in the back of my makeup drawer and am trying to use up samples. Very hydrating and comes packed with a minty punch- which depending on your needs- can be nice for it's masking abilities. Aveda's lotion is pretty thick and I found that I needed more than expected to cover everything and saturate my heels and dry parts. Will probably pick up a full sized version as soon as I finish my LUSH Pied de Pepper Foot Lotion.

Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

Ok, again this is not from the drugstore, not recent and not full sized (sorry!), but it does deserve honorable mention for its effectiveness. I, I think like most women am obsessed with ridding my face of blackheads and clogged pores, so I was thrilled when Sephora was offering this sample up for rewards points. It's a large size (.4oz) and you only need a little for each application. Once applied, the gel quickly dries and hardens on  your face (that sounds weird, but it's drying up the oil). After about 10 minutes, I wash off and I've noticed my pores are much cleaner. I will definitely buy this when my sample is finished (but that may be a while!).

NYC Color Creme Stick Blushable in Plaza Pink

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!! I heard about this from youtube  and when I came across it in Ulta snatched it up. It's a beautiful pinky peach color, but the cream texture is great and makes application easy and luminous. I said in my video this may be a dupe for MAC's hipness blush that will be released with MAC to the beach- but I'm not quite sure. I guess I will need to buy it to swatch :)
Here's a swatch on my hand.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Dance

I think College Fashion (yes that's right) was talking about a variety of bronzers at different price points that were great. This was the cheapest (at $4.99), so I had to give it a shot. It looks kind of orangey in the pan, but it doesn't show up orange at all once applied. A nice bronzy color with some shimmer- not a lot, but mild. I think I may use this on my cheek bones with my other bronzers to build more color. Ulta had a buy one Rimmel get the second at 50% off.

Rimmel Blush in Autumn Catwalk

Decided to pick this up from the review on Makeupandbeautyblog as well as the great discount the store was offering. The brush is terrible, like most compacts, so I'd throw that out. The blush itself is nice- powdery, but nice. The color payoff is good with three variations of pink: a light, medium and hot pink. I've only worn the colors separately, not together yet. I was looking for a substitute for a cool pink- but this has multiple shades of pink. Also $4.99

L'Oreal Linear Intense in Carbon Black

Bloggers and Youtube gurus have likened this to Lancome's Artliner and they are exactly right. I swatched Lancome's similar liner today at Sephora and the tip is identical. A very black liner with good color payoff and no streaking. Smooth application that is very very easy. I've been using Lorac's Front of the Line Pro liner for some time and have been tempted to try others, but have talked myself out of spending more money because I thought I had something so similar already. This is totally different (Lorac's version has a brush end that can be messy and hard to create a straight, strong line with). Think I paid $7.99--- way better than the $29 Sephora is charging!!

Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner
I forgot to mention this in my youtube video. I tried this once a while back, and couldn't stand the smell so returned it. After all the raves from bloggers, I've decided to try it again and maybe just mix it with another conditioner to mask the smell and make it more bearable in the shower (I'm pretty sensitive to strong scents). It isn't a horrible smell- just tropically mango scented. It is pretty thick and hopefully it can mend some of the heat damage I've done to my hair.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lush Favorites

I fell in love with Lush a few years ago and since our initial sparks of love, I've found a few of my favorite products. These are items I've been using consistently for a long time.

Soaps & Shower:

Flying Fox- Super sensuous body wash-- loads of jasmine and honey. Scent lasts on your body long after the shower. My favorite shower gel of all time!!

Alkmaar- One of my favorite Lush soaps. Creamy, soft and soothing. Great for using after a long day of work. LUSH: It has a creamy sexy jasmine and honeysuckle scent with smokey vetivert undertones.

Rock Star: Lush describes this as a bubblegum scented soap, but I'm not sure if that's how I'd describe it. It's just sweet and a fun scent.

Ocean Salt- The best face exfoliator I think I've ever used. It's blue with lots of sea salt crystals to leave your skin smooth and fresh. Smells great- lemon and grapefruit + salt and doesn't taste bad!

Coal Face Cleanser- Comes in a solid form and great for acne prone skin, but I'd stay away if you have dry skin. Very very thorough- leaves your skin squeaky clean (literally!). I use this on and off with my Kiehl's Blue face wash so as to not dry my skin out too much. Whenever I have a breakout, this does great things for my skin.

Ultra Bland- Best eye makeup remover ever.

Dream Cream- Lush: It's packed with every calming plant we could find: tea tree, lavender and chamomile, moisturizing olive oil and loads more. One of the most moisturizing lotions I've ever used-- well most moisturizing yet doesn't sit on top of your skin. Smells divine- organic lush scented (if that's any kind of descriptor?).

Lemony Flutter- I used this a TON last winter when my cuticles were dry and cracked. With gloves, this works brilliantly, and smells fresh and clean. 

Pied de Pepper- Clove and cinnamon for smooth, fresh smelling feet. The scent at first was a little too strong for me, but with time I've come to really like it. 

Volcano Foot Mask- Made with tomatoes and potatoes to break down the dead skin cells on your feet. After this is applied, you wrap your feet with plastic and let it work for 10 minutes. The process can be a little messy, but the results are worth it. 

What are your LUSH favorites?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Favorite new brush: NARS #16

I had been thinking about getting this brush for some time. The NARS rep who sold it to me told me it's like a stippler brush for eyeshadow. What's really nice is the "hoof" like bristles. 
I always found that working with Mattes were especially difficult to apply evenly. This decimates that problem. Favorite new tool.