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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Illamasqua Haul!!!

Wow, I've been soooo looking forward to this little package from Sephora! I've been wanting the lipgloss and the blush forever, but just saw Belldujournyc's review on the lipstick, and knew I had to have it.

Excite Blush
Illamasqua says, "Vivid Apricot, matte finish". This is sooo beautiful!! I was either going to order this or Lover, which is lighter, but I'm so glad I picked this one! Will look killer with a tan this summer!

Obey Lipstick
Illamasqua says, "Bright peachy pink, matte finish". I was somewhat torn between this and Over, but this is lighter and I decided Mistress would quench my thirst for intense color. Love it, a little drying on its own, but paired with a light balm-- wonderful.

Mistress Intense Lipgloss
Illamasqua says, "Bright coral orange". This has amazing color payoff for a gloss (which is why I guess it is called Intense). Not too sticky, but adheres well to the lip and staying power is good. Love it!

Here are some swatches from L to R top to bottom:
Mistress Lipgloss, Obey Lipstick, Excite Blush

Final Look: Put Obey on first then layered a little Mistress on top. Put light dusting of Excite over bronzer. 

Oh and I made a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vBxHjXWlCY

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