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Thursday, May 20, 2010

MAC to the Beach Excitement

OMG I am soooo excited for this collection--- more so than anything MAC has put out since Color Crafted!

My wish list:

Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow
Firecracker Eyeshadow--- this I may wait off until I see in person--- not sure it will be too different than Coral Crepe paint pot, but we shall see...

Temperature Rising Lip Pencil-- Love this and it's pretty different than what I see out. I think I can find a good dupe for Life's a Breeze (the pink one) (in fact LovePeaceandLipgloss says NYX makes one that is almost identical).

Hipness Blush- beautiful, but I may hold off until I see in person, because this is my favorite color family. I may have something similar.
Get Away Bronze Blush- Definitely-- will go so well with bronzer.

Marine Life- Isn't this on everyone's wish list??


  1. Did you call up your local Nordies to reserve one? I also heard the MAC Pro stores are launching the collection today. Have fun hauling!

  2. Are you serious?? I was planning on waking up at 4am the morning it launches online to order 6 marine lifes. Wow-- thank you sooo much!