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Friday, May 28, 2010

MAC to the Beach Haul!!

I ordered a few things from the MAC website and picked up a few at Macys on Thursday morning.

Scorcher Nail Polish

When I saw this polish on the blogs, I wasn't going to get it because I have a lot of similar reds. What sold me on it was the pink undertones of the color. Almost like an 80s neon color. Great layered with Chanel's Illusion D'Or.  (Please excuse the cuticles!!)

Sweet & Punchy + Firecracker Eyeshadows

When I opened my package, I saw that my Sweet & Punchy had been shattered, so MAC is sending me a replacement- until then, this is what I have to work with. Love this limey green shade- IMO it's unique and can be sheered out, built up or layered to create many different looks.

Firecracker is a beautiful shade! It does for me what i was hoping Sand & Sun would do. I almost did not purchase this because I thought it may be too similar to Coral Crepe, but in comparison, they are not         the same.  Picture to the right is Firecracker and Coral Crepe (from L to R).

This is Sweet& Punchy layered over Retrospeck eyeshadow. Nothing in the inner third-- that is just some irritation.

From Left to Right: Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Hipness, Get-Away Bronze

Hipness & Get-Away Bronze Blushes

I was sooo excited to get Hipness and it did not disappoint! Beautiful pinky/coral color (more pinky) that is more intense than Instant Chic.

Get-Away Bronze is amazing! Didn't interest me at first, but when I was watching YouTube hauls, I knew I had to have it because of the sheen and neutral bronzey color. Looks great as an accent to your bronzer.

Marine Life High Light Powder

Yes, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this. Gorgeous!! I didn't want to swatch it when I first opened it to preserve the overspray. Picture on the right shows swatches. From L to R: Top, blended, bottom. Have heard that if you get this there is no need to buy Hipness, but as a MAC addict, I had to have both, naturally.

Thrills and Beachbound Lipsticks

Originally, I hadn't planned on getting anymore lipsticks, but after seeing these in the store, I could not resist. Thrills is a beautiful corally red with shimmer. It is a lot less opaque that I thought it would be. Beachbound is a nice peachy color. The shade of the tube sold me- and because it's a glaze, it is very smooth and glossy like.

To the right are some lip swatches. On top is thrills and below is Beachbound.

More swatches-- Beachbound and Thrills with flash (left) and natural light (right). 

From left to right: Hipness, Marine Life, Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy.

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