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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My NARS Blush Collection

So I just wanted to share with you my NARS Blushes. I love blushes and my favorite (because of pigmentation and color variety) is NARS. So have a few cream and powder blushes and one multiple. 
NARS Powder Blushes

So for powder blushes I own (from top to bottom and left to right above): Exhibit A, Mounia, Gilda, Luster, Sin, Taj Mahal and Angelika.

Exhibit A: A brilliant red (kind of orangey; matte)
Mounia: Cinnamon coral with some shimmer
Gilda: Coral and this is matte
Luster: Sheer golden apricot with some shimmer
Sin: Berry with gold shimmer
Taj Mahal: Burnt orange with shimmer
Angelika: Cotton candy with gold particles

Cream Blushes:

From left to right and top to bottom: Montenegro, Cactus Flower, Enchanted, Turkish Red, Penny Lane and Orgasm in multiple form.

Montenegro: Mahogany
Cactus Flower: Shimmering Poppy
Enchanted: Soft peach with Gold Sparkle
Turkish Red: Red Coral, No Shimmer
Penny Lane: Nude Pink
Orgasm Multiple: Peachy Pink with Shimmer

From left to right:


Sin,  Gilda, Enchanted

Taj Mahal, Exhibit A, Luster, Mounia, Angelika

Orgasm Multiple, Turkish Red, Penny Lane, Montenegro, Cactus Flower

My YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5QV7p7Iz-o


  1. Which is your favorite out of the bunch? I really like South Beach the Multiple.

  2. That's a tough question... hmmm, probably gilda because I'm in love with corals right now and it's a more summery blush.