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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sneak Peak MAC to the Beach Product Pics & Swatches

I am so so excited for this collection!! I really need to finish project 10 pan before May 27th!

Oh the packaging!!!

Marine Life is a MUST--- even if the gold is just an overspray...

Lipsticks in Fun bathing (Cremsheen), Lazy Days (Lustre) and Lipglass in Flurry of Fun (L to R)

Above: Thrills and Below: Flurry of Fun

Clockwise from top left: Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker, Shimmermoss, and Sand & Sun

Swatches (L to R): Fun bathing, Lazy Day, Flurry of Fun, Get-Away Bronze Blush, Hipness Blush

Swatches (L to R): Flurry of Fun Lipglass, Thrills Lipstick, Firecracker Eyeshadow, Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow, Sand & Sun Eyeshadow, 
Float on Bye Eyeliner, Rosemary & Thyme Eyeliner

Loves it!!
My wish list: Marine Life, Hipness, Flurry of fun, Get-Away Bronze, Lazy Day, Sweet & Punchy, 
Sand & Sun

Swatches of Marine Life-- GORGEOUS!!

Marine Life with Overspray gone

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  1. oOh Lazy Days and Marine Life look promising... can't wait! thanks for posting! :) Soo Jin from abeautyfullday.com