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Friday, June 11, 2010

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

Essie Summer 2010 Collection

I ran across this at Ulta today and fell in love with the colors in this quad.

From Amazon:
Essie Summer 2010 Mini 4-Piece Set is a celebration of summer to share...or just to absolutely indulge in! Aside from the wonderful outdoor activities that we wait for all year, we also revel in the opportunity to now wear lighter, brighter and more playful clothing. Finally, we can shed the wool and mohair for cotton and linen. The keyword for summer is: fun! So indulge in seriously sensational color! Don't be shy - make it the time to play with bold, playful color combinations. Essie Summer 2010 Mini 4-Piece Set includes .16 fl oz bottles of the following: Haute as Hello - racy, scorching coral Knockout Pout - hot supercharged pink Demure Vixen - iridescent cocoa Pretty Edgy - vivid palmetto green.

This seems like a fantastic deal-- four of the six colors all for $17. I was thinking each bottle would be maybe half the size of a full bottle- so a pretty good deal. This isn't the case. I think I figured it out and it's like 1/3 or maybe even 1/4 the size of a full bottle. But you do get selection...

I was really excited to try these. I first put Edgy on my toes, but realized green on my toes- doesn't really look that great. Kind of a bad color, for that area, really. So I switched and put the Knockout Pout on my fingers. At first all was well, but as I continued to apply on my left hand (the true challenge to any application- painting with the hand you do not write with) I realized how horrible the formula is! It was a big streaky mess- and I was using ample product with a full brush head each time. In addition to this problem, I realized there was no finish to the polish. Even though I always use a top coat- there seemed to be no shine to the polish- matte and cheap looking. So, needless to say, these will be returning to the store ASAP. 

Here's another shot:

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