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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Bronzer Collection

With the weather warming up, I'm dying to have a tan-- but will never lay in a tanning bed again (I know, I know- horrible mistake!). So the answer is in bronzers and self tanners which I have embraced fully. Here is my collection and my thoughts on each.

ELF Warm Bronzer
This has been my favorite bronzer and one of the only products I own that I've hit pan on! Some shimmer, but not too much and warm but not orange. Also very build able and only $3!!

ELF Cool Bronzer
This was hard to photograph so sorry about that. Matte and cool, but not "muddy". Build able and again, $3.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze & Gold Deposit
On the left is Cheeky Bronze from Colour Crafted and on the right is Gold Deposit (not sure what collection this is from). These are both nice,  but for some reason, I hardly reach for them. Cheeky bronze is a nice corally bronze color with shimmer and Gold Deposit is a cooler shimmer with large gold flecks.

MAC Blush in Get-Away Bronze
Of course I had to include this from the MAC to the beach collection. Some shimmer to this, but a deep some say "rosey bronze" color. Nice to top off a bronzed look.

NARS Multiple in Malaysia
I just recently got this and haven't been reaching for it very much. It's a cream to powder and great for travel. This is a cool bronzer.

NARS Bronzer in Casino
I love Casino! Everyone raves about Laguna but I think this is where it's at. I like to idea of not needing much product to achieve a desired look and with this, you can certainly do that.  Some shimmer but not very noticeable.

NARS Multiple Duo in Copacobana & St. Barts
I got this for free with a NARS purchase a few months ago. St. Barts is nice, but I don't think designed to be a bronzer. Nice finish and cool.

Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Dancer
This was another good deal at $4.99 from Ulta. There is some shimmer to it, but not much and I feel like it's between warm and cool. Comparing this to the others leaves me thinking this is more powdery.

NYX Bronzer #2
What a deal- 1.15oz of bronzer for $13! Some compare this to laguna (in fact it was mentioned as such in a dupe video), but a much better value. I like that there are several different colors that you can use either together or separately.

Chanel Tan de Soleil Makeup Base
This is my new HG! Very easy to use and I love the cream to powder finish- well not cream really, idk it's hard to describe. I use a contour brush from coastal scents and apply it in a half circle on my cheeks and temples. On the warmer side and no shimmer. I originally bought The powder Terre Epice from Chanel and ended up exchanging it for this due to shimmer with the first.

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