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Sunday, June 20, 2010

NARS Multiple Tints: Swatches

NARS Multiple Tints

So I ran across these at the store this weekend and had to give you guys a good swatch. I was soooo excited to try these out, but they are WAYYYY sheerer than I expected (not bad though!!).

The top is Turks & Cacos, then below is Cadeques and at the bottom is Beverly Hills.

I was going to get Turks & Cacos-- but it was sold out, so I settled with Cadeques. Turks & Cacos is the sheerest and I figured I already have enough orange/coral blushes.

What I love about the formula is the glossy texture. It leaves a nice, dewey sheen on your cheek. Very natural and perfect for summer!


  1. They are sheer but definitely buildable. How do you like Cadeques?

  2. I LOVE Cadeques. The color is perfect for me and I feel pretty different than anything I have. Also, I think it's the best color to use with powder blushes to prolong longevity of color.