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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines on Sale Now!

This was just released online today-- very exciting!! I wanted to be really good, but things didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. First order was good- 2 things, second order was - 2 things and third was 4 :(

I completely passed on the eyeshadow quads because I didn't think pigmentation was worth it and uniqueness of color wasn't enough to purchase.

Of Royalty was my sole lipstick purchase, although I'm really thinking about Kittenish (this might just be because Temptalia listed it as a "Must Have") and Drive me Wild.

No Lip glosses-- need to pare down my collection!

Pet Me and Utterly Game. I know, I have wayyy too much blush- but these are GORGEOUS!!
Pet me is a warm pink (nothing that I have) and Utterly game looks just like Ripe Peach (that I missed out on!).  I think these will go very quickly.

Lithe Pigment: my very first pigment, very exciting! I really wanted Mauvement and Bloodline too (these I may reconsider), but the fall out of Mauvement deterred me and Bloodline is gorgeous, but very dark (not that versatile).

Smoky Heir and On the Hunt Superslick eyeliners. These I am incredibly excited about!!! I LOVE the cat eye and am always working to perfect it. The purple is gorgeous and different than my coastal scents one (that dyes the eye!) and the black looks blacker than any other black liquid liner I own.

And from the Nail collection, I got Rain of Flowers (a gorgeous dark purple/blue) and Earthly Harmony (great nude with some shimmer- unique).

So that is all. Yes, unfortunately. I'm going to pass on most of the Venomous Villains Collection, so this justifies it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

T3 Medium Duality Flat Iron

I had the opportunity to try this the other day to freshen up my hair. I am soo glad I did! I upgraded a few years ago to a CHI and I thought that was the best, until now. Because of my thick, course and naturally curly hair, I really need hot hot heat to tame the mane. This gets a lot hotter than my CHI and it also stays hot more consistently (and not to mention T3's Tourmaline technology). My hair turned into silk super fast (literally with one pass!) and it was shiny and healthy looking. As soon as I sell my CHI, this is my upgrade!

Oh and I found it on amazon for $119! (retails for $160)

From Amazon: 

Through T3's patented Tourmaline technology, the infused plates and heaters create a non-damaging, shiny, frizz-free finish. Now T3 has added superior SinglePass Technology to create the most advanced styling irons: a heat injection of 450°F / 232°C, 25 percent faster straightening, equipped with dual voltage for easy overseas travel, and SmartPipes 2.0 - an upgraded, powerful computer system with more precise sensors working instantaneously to keep plates at a consistent temperature. Professional Features:- 1 3/8-inch Wide Plates - Precision Engineered Fixed Plates - Heat Resistant Cleaning Mat - 450 ยบF / 232°C Maximum Temperature and Fully Adjustable Temperature Control - 10 ft Professional Swivel Cord- Dual Voltage- Made in Korea.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Orly's Cosmic FX Fall 2010 Nail Polish Collection

I was SUPER excited to get this home from Ulta. They look amazing in the bottle and the multidimensional duo chrome (is that redundant?) is unique. Although my nails look opaque, it took 3-4 coats of each to obtain such a thick coloring. They go on sheer and I feel the underlying color shows up a little streaky. Although unique looking, the second shade not pictured on my nails (galaxy girl) wasn't really any different than other dark, vampy nail polishes. The green/blue duochrome was nice, but not enough to warrant spending $10 for a new shade. So that was returned. I couldn't part with the blue shade - so lovely.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Every few months I tend to go on a huge uncluttering spree. Throwing things out, donating to Sallys and selling on craigslist and eBay. So that's where I am now. Trying to scale down on expenses, save money and get rid of everything that I don't use on a regular basis. Make life more simple. I'm trying to make a conscience effort to keep this state of mind going and not fall back into hoarding and messiness (I'm really not that bad :) ).

So I've found some amazing websites if you're interested in this "simple" living kick I'm on.

unclutterer.com  and  zenhabits.org are fantastic resources that have a lot of links posted if you are looking for advice not spoken to on the site.

I've been going to unclutterer the most and reading most of the comments below posts--- this has helped the most and helped me think of solutions for my life. Time management and routines is the current focus.

Thoughts on MAC's Dare to Wear

MAC Dare to Wear

As I'm sure many of you know, this collection was released last Thursday (July 29). I was pretty excited about it and ordered these two shadows as soon as I saw the collection online on Tuesday. Shock-a-holic (the purple color) has HORRIBLE payoff. A big chalky, streaky mess. I was most excited about Going Bananas and even heard that this color would be the first product from the collection to sell out. When I tried it on, I just realized it wasn't as special as I'd hoped and it wasn't something that I'd wear more than a few times. I've tried Atlantic Blue before--- again, horrible payoff. Just really difficult to work with. I have the pro color, aqua and this is nice, although as Temptalia has said, can be pretty chalky (although easier to work with than some of the other mattes). 

As for the lipglosses--- they are AMAZING! I tried on the lightest pink color ( I can't remember the name) and it looked nice (actually just like Pervette lipstick with more pink), but felt even better. I love the liquid lipstick feel-- like a thick gloss- but not sticky. Very nice feeling. I'm trying to scale down on shopping and especially makeup purchases that will just end up sitting in my drawer--- so I passed on these. If I do go back, I will probably pick up the hot pink color (can't remember the name)- this was nice. The coral/orange color looks just like the lip gelee released in the Lillyland Collection (brash and bold?), but in this case- a different feel, I guess.

Hope you guys are well--- Sorry I've been so neglectful of this space. Working two jobs this summer has killed my free time, but I'm working hard at regaining some normalcy. 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My New Hair!!

I did it!!! A week ago, I got my hair done and am loving it! They had to cover the blonde with red first, then brown- so it is warmer than I had before, and I like it much more than last time I went dark! I've noticed my hair is a lot healthier looking and seems more smooth.

Yay for drastic hair coloring :)

Hope you guys are well--- I'm really going to get on the posting wagon soon and keep this up to date.