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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines on Sale Now!

This was just released online today-- very exciting!! I wanted to be really good, but things didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. First order was good- 2 things, second order was - 2 things and third was 4 :(

I completely passed on the eyeshadow quads because I didn't think pigmentation was worth it and uniqueness of color wasn't enough to purchase.

Of Royalty was my sole lipstick purchase, although I'm really thinking about Kittenish (this might just be because Temptalia listed it as a "Must Have") and Drive me Wild.

No Lip glosses-- need to pare down my collection!

Pet Me and Utterly Game. I know, I have wayyy too much blush- but these are GORGEOUS!!
Pet me is a warm pink (nothing that I have) and Utterly game looks just like Ripe Peach (that I missed out on!).  I think these will go very quickly.

Lithe Pigment: my very first pigment, very exciting! I really wanted Mauvement and Bloodline too (these I may reconsider), but the fall out of Mauvement deterred me and Bloodline is gorgeous, but very dark (not that versatile).

Smoky Heir and On the Hunt Superslick eyeliners. These I am incredibly excited about!!! I LOVE the cat eye and am always working to perfect it. The purple is gorgeous and different than my coastal scents one (that dyes the eye!) and the black looks blacker than any other black liquid liner I own.

And from the Nail collection, I got Rain of Flowers (a gorgeous dark purple/blue) and Earthly Harmony (great nude with some shimmer- unique).

So that is all. Yes, unfortunately. I'm going to pass on most of the Venomous Villains Collection, so this justifies it.

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  1. Great haul Alice! I love love love the blushes. Definitely try out Drive Me Wild. It's a very pretty lipstick.