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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thoughts on MAC's Dare to Wear

MAC Dare to Wear

As I'm sure many of you know, this collection was released last Thursday (July 29). I was pretty excited about it and ordered these two shadows as soon as I saw the collection online on Tuesday. Shock-a-holic (the purple color) has HORRIBLE payoff. A big chalky, streaky mess. I was most excited about Going Bananas and even heard that this color would be the first product from the collection to sell out. When I tried it on, I just realized it wasn't as special as I'd hoped and it wasn't something that I'd wear more than a few times. I've tried Atlantic Blue before--- again, horrible payoff. Just really difficult to work with. I have the pro color, aqua and this is nice, although as Temptalia has said, can be pretty chalky (although easier to work with than some of the other mattes). 

As for the lipglosses--- they are AMAZING! I tried on the lightest pink color ( I can't remember the name) and it looked nice (actually just like Pervette lipstick with more pink), but felt even better. I love the liquid lipstick feel-- like a thick gloss- but not sticky. Very nice feeling. I'm trying to scale down on shopping and especially makeup purchases that will just end up sitting in my drawer--- so I passed on these. If I do go back, I will probably pick up the hot pink color (can't remember the name)- this was nice. The coral/orange color looks just like the lip gelee released in the Lillyland Collection (brash and bold?), but in this case- a different feel, I guess.

Hope you guys are well--- Sorry I've been so neglectful of this space. Working two jobs this summer has killed my free time, but I'm working hard at regaining some normalcy. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the purchases. Shock-a-holic and Atlantic blue are two of the worst colors in the collection. I agree with the lipglosses..very nice.