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Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains

Well well, another MAC collection to be released this week (perhaps today or tomorrow at maccosmetics.com). Initially, I bought into the excitement of this collection and felt I NEEDED TO HAVE IT!! As time has passed (and perhaps it's just too many collections in a row), I now feel I can pass on most, or all of the collection.  Malificent is badass- but really the only one. So here's my list before the revelation:
Both MES from Malificent
Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Toxic Tale Lipstick
Stange Potion Lipglass
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass

My reasoning these aren't absolutely necessary:
-I really never wore the Style Black MESs so that will likely be the case with these. 
-Briar Rose is a lot like Well Dressed or maybe NARS Angelika minus the sparkle.
- Toxic Tale is gorg!( I may just order this and this alone), but a color I'm honestly never going to wear.
-Strange Potion is similar (not an exact dupe) to Perennial High Style from Liberty of London (and this I rarely reach for). Also similar to Jazzed (I've heard).
Revenge is Sweet is really the only one I don't have anything really like, but again, is another lipglass really necessary?

These are my thoughts and if I were to get anything, those listed above I feel are the best choices. Also maybe the beauty powder "Oh So Fair". 

some of the best swatches can be found at naturalnchicmakeup (and no, not knocking temptalia, but everyone knows her swatches!).
Happy Monday!

By the way, I'm thinking of lightening my hair like this:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Illamasqua's Katie Blush

Wow what a lucky find!! When I made a random trip to Sephora here, I found out they had Illamasqua stock! I was beyond excited, but managed to only walk away with one of their blushers, Katie. I've heard very good things about this blush and since I'm in love with Excite, I figured this would be another fantastic selection. 

Katie is a beautiful cool shade of pink. Very pigmented. I thought this would be a unique color for me. At the time of my purchase, my mom asked me, "How do you keep track of what you already have?" and "Isn't that a color you already own?". I shrugged this off and thought no way! this is a fantastically different shade! I must have it!

Low and behold, she was right. I had packed a small amount of makeup to my trip to NY (even though I may be here a few months) and also had Well Dressed from MAC in my bag. Very similar to Katie and I even think has a nicer finish. Katie comes off almost chalky- lots of powder. MAC's is well milled with some shimmer (not a lot, but just enough).

I'm also at the point in makeup collecting that I don't think it's really necessary to collect all of the infinitely similar products. This is close enough to Katie (maybe not an exact dupe), but on the cheek, I think it's hard to tell a difference.
I'd pick the very popular Well Dressed over Katie any day. Sorry Illamasqua, you will be returned to Sephora.

CCO Haul

I know, I know- I really need to get a little more creative here. Hauls and some reviews don't make a beauty blog, but this was great. Before I went to NY, I stopped at the CCO and found these great finds:


Wow this is a beautiful color!! I had wanted this a while ago and never realize it was being discontinued until I saw it at the CCO. If you are lusting a dark plummy/ink color, this is it. It is a Matte2. After I got it home, I realized it is pretty similar to Indian Ink (pro color), but I'm still glad I grabbed this, as it is more purple than II.

Holiday Pigments

Gorgeous!! The same day, I picked up Melon pigment (my first pigment). That purchase started a major interest in pigments and because these were so cheap (I think $24), I knew I had to have them. These came out last holiday with Make Up Art Cosmetics. Great metallic colors and jardin aires!!

Light over Dark Mineralized Blush

I wasn't addicted to makeup when this came out with Grand Duos, but I did pass on it with 

Gorgeous! Creates such a wonderful bronzy/warm glow on the cheek and I love the shimmer- just enough. Definitely on the warmer side of bronze, but I think it looks great as a contour as well as blush. Now I need a new highlight powder to complement my other blushes. I'm thinking Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm. What do you think?

Love these. I always forget how amazing the deals are at the CCO. I also saw the Mineralize set that contained nuance blush and Shimpagne- which I think was around $50, but I passed.

Long time no post?!?

Wow I've been a bad bad beauty blogger!
What's been going on?
Had a crazy busy summer with working two jobs. Then I decided to apply to graduate school for Jan 2011- all the applications are in now.
Then- my mom broke her arm. So, I'm home taking care of her and resting up away from the big city. She lives in upstate NY (where I grew up) with no cell phone reception, no cable and very intermittent internet (which I just set up). A big adjustment to say the least.
Bring on the blogging!