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Sunday, September 26, 2010

CCO Haul

I know, I know- I really need to get a little more creative here. Hauls and some reviews don't make a beauty blog, but this was great. Before I went to NY, I stopped at the CCO and found these great finds:


Wow this is a beautiful color!! I had wanted this a while ago and never realize it was being discontinued until I saw it at the CCO. If you are lusting a dark plummy/ink color, this is it. It is a Matte2. After I got it home, I realized it is pretty similar to Indian Ink (pro color), but I'm still glad I grabbed this, as it is more purple than II.

Holiday Pigments

Gorgeous!! The same day, I picked up Melon pigment (my first pigment). That purchase started a major interest in pigments and because these were so cheap (I think $24), I knew I had to have them. These came out last holiday with Make Up Art Cosmetics. Great metallic colors and jardin aires!!

Light over Dark Mineralized Blush

I wasn't addicted to makeup when this came out with Grand Duos, but I did pass on it with 

Gorgeous! Creates such a wonderful bronzy/warm glow on the cheek and I love the shimmer- just enough. Definitely on the warmer side of bronze, but I think it looks great as a contour as well as blush. Now I need a new highlight powder to complement my other blushes. I'm thinking Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm. What do you think?

Love these. I always forget how amazing the deals are at the CCO. I also saw the Mineralize set that contained nuance blush and Shimpagne- which I think was around $50, but I passed.


  1. Awesome haul Alice. CCO is such an awesome place to pick up "maybes" that I normally wouldn't get from a normal MAC release. I haven't used Mary Lou Manizer so can't comment on it.

  2. Thanks Kristie! I don't make the trek very often, but when I do it's a goldmine!