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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Illamasqua's Katie Blush

Wow what a lucky find!! When I made a random trip to Sephora here, I found out they had Illamasqua stock! I was beyond excited, but managed to only walk away with one of their blushers, Katie. I've heard very good things about this blush and since I'm in love with Excite, I figured this would be another fantastic selection. 

Katie is a beautiful cool shade of pink. Very pigmented. I thought this would be a unique color for me. At the time of my purchase, my mom asked me, "How do you keep track of what you already have?" and "Isn't that a color you already own?". I shrugged this off and thought no way! this is a fantastically different shade! I must have it!

Low and behold, she was right. I had packed a small amount of makeup to my trip to NY (even though I may be here a few months) and also had Well Dressed from MAC in my bag. Very similar to Katie and I even think has a nicer finish. Katie comes off almost chalky- lots of powder. MAC's is well milled with some shimmer (not a lot, but just enough).

I'm also at the point in makeup collecting that I don't think it's really necessary to collect all of the infinitely similar products. This is close enough to Katie (maybe not an exact dupe), but on the cheek, I think it's hard to tell a difference.
I'd pick the very popular Well Dressed over Katie any day. Sorry Illamasqua, you will be returned to Sephora.

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