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Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains

Well well, another MAC collection to be released this week (perhaps today or tomorrow at maccosmetics.com). Initially, I bought into the excitement of this collection and felt I NEEDED TO HAVE IT!! As time has passed (and perhaps it's just too many collections in a row), I now feel I can pass on most, or all of the collection.  Malificent is badass- but really the only one. So here's my list before the revelation:
Both MES from Malificent
Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Toxic Tale Lipstick
Stange Potion Lipglass
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass

My reasoning these aren't absolutely necessary:
-I really never wore the Style Black MESs so that will likely be the case with these. 
-Briar Rose is a lot like Well Dressed or maybe NARS Angelika minus the sparkle.
- Toxic Tale is gorg!( I may just order this and this alone), but a color I'm honestly never going to wear.
-Strange Potion is similar (not an exact dupe) to Perennial High Style from Liberty of London (and this I rarely reach for). Also similar to Jazzed (I've heard).
Revenge is Sweet is really the only one I don't have anything really like, but again, is another lipglass really necessary?

These are my thoughts and if I were to get anything, those listed above I feel are the best choices. Also maybe the beauty powder "Oh So Fair". 

some of the best swatches can be found at naturalnchicmakeup (and no, not knocking temptalia, but everyone knows her swatches!).
Happy Monday!

By the way, I'm thinking of lightening my hair like this:

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