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I love makeup. For 2 years now I've been following beauty blogs and logging into YouTube to check out all the new trends. This is my sophomore blog.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wow it's been forever! I apologize as things have been truly insane here on my end. I'm back in the city from a two month hiatus in upstate NY helping my mom recover from her biking accident. It's really amazing how it feels to be gone so long and then return- almost like you were never gone, but in a foggy dreamlike state for a while.

Any who, I've managed to become less obsessed with acquiring products/makeup and the like and more interested in using up products, paring down, streamlining and finding the best of the best (but only what I really really need). So in other words, a minimalist approach, but with some fun excess. The hard work of sending in applications to graduate schools and taking the GRE has paid off and I was admitted to 5 of the 6 schools to which I applied. The school I ended up selecting admitted me to their PhD in Mathematics program as well as offered me a Teaching Assistant position that not only frees me of paying for tuition, but also grants me a monthly stipend. Being paid to go to school- can't beat that!

As many other beauty bloggers/youtubers have found, the beauty community is becoming increasingly catty and challenged by readers/viewers. This is unfortunate as I entered the arena hoping to share my love for makeup and not to be faced with adversary. I also noticed that my videos were almost all hauls- exciting they are, but I needed a lot more diversity. I took down all my videos and vowed to put more effort into YouTube and this blog. Now that I will be a teaching assistant and also in year 1 of 7 more years of college  (!!!!), I need to be more wise with spending. This will make an interesting challenge for cosmetic and product purchasing.

One of my favorite YouTubers is tsandra5 who has embarked on a LolliPop26-ish project 10 pan. There's nothing better for me than throwing away packaging and knowing that I've taken full advantage of the product and gotten my money's worth. This will be another focus here. It's also the perfect opportunity to review the product, as the newness has worn off, you've used the whole thing (know it is worth it)  and can give a complete review- not just your aspirations for your new purchase.