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Monday, March 14, 2011

No, I'm not dead...

Wow, it's been a while. Lots has happened since I've last posted. I began a PhD program and have lost my life in the process.

So in the vein of makeup, what's new? Well, I took 2 months off from buying absolutely anything (save for food, gas etc.).  I broke this new years resolution ( I guess you could call it that- even though I started it after NYD) a couple days ago to buy: a flashlight, a replacement headlight for my car (that's new too!) and mascara (need to toss every 3 months!).  I've just been trying to use up makeup and downsize everything. I've gotten to the point in life where I've experienced a short while of excess and have found that excess does not equal happiness. Excess leads to chaos. It leads to a growing desire to consume, acquire and to compete. For me, it was just the chase of wanting things. I'd purchase (the chase) and then once conquered, the new products/clothing/objects would hold no excitement for me. I'd push them aside- never taking tags off or taking them out of their boxes and continue to hunt online for the next new obsession. Not exactly the healthiest hobby.

So, I cut cold turkey and I realized I could live without and even enjoy being without.

As for my new school and program, I feel (and maybe this is just me being self conscious, but whatever...) that if I do wear makeup and dress nice, spending extra effort and time on my appearance makes me feel like others judge me. Almost like I'd be taken more seriously if I didn't do any of this. As for my makeup routine, I've been basically wearing the same makeup for a few months now. Neutral eye, cat eye (can't be without it), light bronzer and blush with balm. And my hair is blonde now :)

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